Secure your digital future in the world of collectibles.

Web3 presents a unique opportunity for brands in the new decentralized world. Give your physical products a new digital life and activate a whole new universe of collectors with our secure and powerful platform.

Object Verification


2016 Hot Wheels Formula Flashback

4.77 ETH
Physical collectible vaulted
Digital collectible minted
Checking physical to-digital provenance

Object Verification


2016 Hot Wheels Formula Flashback

Physical collectible vaulted
Digital collectible minted
Checking physical to-digital provenance

Introducing collectible-backed NFTs.

Everything evolves. Even collectibles. Digital tokens aka NFTs provide a unique opportunity to fortify your legacy, ensuring it’s built-in to the future. Delight your loyal customers and fortify your legacy—while mitigating the notorious risks.

Zion Williamson Silver Prizm
Gregor Clegane Figurine A Game of Thrones Action
American Girl 2022 Sapphire Splendor Collector Doll
Michael Jackson
Step 1: Ship

Send your physical collectibles to our insured and secured, state-of-the-art vault.

Step 2: Mint

Watch in real time as your high-value products are tokenized into Web3 and given a new digital life.

Step 3: Track

Monitor your collectible-backed NFTs with a dashboard that tracks everything from sales data to consumer insights.

Partners we integrate with

Always keep your brand at ease.

Futurize new revenue streams.
Access your fair share of global secondary sales

Through our integrated, recurring revenue model, we can help you earn more over the lifetime of your collectibles. Our platform makes it easy to create physically-backed digital assets that generate new royalty streams from secondary sales and remove pesky intermediaries.

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Never lose your sense of security.
Insured, secured and monitored 24/7

Feel safe every step of the way. With our vaulting services, every mint, drop and transaction is closely monitored to protect your brand, IP and loyal customers. Whether it’s a threat at our vault door, an attack on our code or suspicious wallet activity, we’ve taken every measure to flag, expose and combat bad actors.

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Connect with consumers like never before.
Redeemable loyalty

We’ll help you communicate directly to your customers, encourage loyalty through newly minted NFTs and create buzz around your brand — without needing to figure out any of the complicated backend logistics. Use our veteran blockchain and NFT expertise to truly wow consumers—and your bottom-line.

Dibbs Showroom Michael Jordan Bearbrick Kaws

Take the uncertainty out of web3

Web3 can be intimidating. Unmatched reliability will help you sleep better at night. Our vision at Dibbs is to become the safest entity to mint and redeem collectible-backed NFTs. Rug pullers and bad actors, be gone.

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customer experience

Customer Experience

customer experience

Vaulting & Insurance

customer experience

Transaction Monitoring

Simple onboarding
Our whiteglove service ensures that we take care of you every step of the way.
Dedicated support
Leverage our knowledgable staff and 24/7 support teams to ensure your goals are met.
Trusted partnership
When you win, we win. Our team of domain experts are with you from ideation to launch and beyond.
Built-in provenance
Our NFTs contain detailed provenance and authentication information about each collectible.
Secure vault for collectibles
Our vault is equipped with the latest security protocols to ensure that your collectibles are safe with CCTV, on-site security, temperature and light control, and much more.
Comprehensive collectible insurance
Our insurance policy ensures all of your collectibles are protected both physically and financially.
NFT analytics
Our robust monitoring tools allow you to gain consumer behavior insights as your products move throughout the digital world.
Protect brands and customers
We monitor all your NFT activity on our platform, in order to prevent, detect and report money laundering.
Professional auditing
Third-party audits are conducted on an ongoing basis to ensure the integrity of our inventory, software, and information security.
Amazon, all-star athletes and experts all agree
Our team runs deep with expertise in blockchain, regulation, and collectibles.

Still curious about TaaS?

Another evolution of the web, another acronym to learn. Check out this magazine and find out how brands and collectors are using Tokenization-as-a-Service (TaaS) to revolutionize collecting in web3.

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