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Dibbs | A New Era of Collecting Is Here

Image of The Dibbs Team
The Dibbs Team

The sports trading card market is booming! Hobby shops, eBay and card manufacturers around the world are seeing the largest single year growth in decades. Many theories have emerged as to why the trading card market has seen such a remarkable surge, but one thing is for sure - our beloved hobby is back in a big way! And the best part is we're just scratching the surface. The industry is about to receive a long overdue digital renovation.

Dibbs is launching the  first 24/7 online marketplace for trading fractional interests in sports cards. With Dibbs, sports fans and collectors can instantly buy and sell fractional shares of their favorite cards from their phone. No more exorbitant fees, no more hours of packing and shipping, no more B.S. The inefficiencies of traditional card trading are being removed, in favor of a mobile-first platform that combines the best of card collecting and sports fandom.  Dibbs goal is to provide sports fans and collectors around the world with a digital-first experience for a new era of sports card collecting and trading.

Instant Mobile & Online Card Trading

Dibbs’ trading platform allows  fans and collectors to buy and sell cards instantly, anywhere, anytime. Have a hunch about a player or an upcoming game? Open the app and buy as much (or as little) of a player’s cards as you want, with a few clicks. Dibbs' provides the World's fastest and simplest platform for collecting and trading cards. Own a piece of a card in seconds. No need for 2-3 week wait times or putting yourself at significant risk for fraud.


Fractional Ownership - More Cards, More Fun, Less Cash

The entry point to today's prominent cards can easily range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Buying a quality card outright requires significant cash for just a single piece of cardboard. We love cardboard,  but we don’t love people having to put all of their eggs in one basket. Instead, Dibbs’  enables customers to buy fractional interests in premium sports cards, empowering collectors to collect pieces of 10, 20, 30 different cards in favor of buying one  card with their entire budget. This means collectors with budgets of all sizes can diversify their collection with some of the World's most valuable cards.

Buy Players Not Cards - Like Fantasy Sports, but Backed by Collectibles

Picking individual cards is hard. Learning the different variations, brands and other nuances of cards can be extremely cumbersome. Dibbs gives fans the ability to reduce the noise and focus on picking players instead of picking individual card variants. The values of cards are largely determined by the underlying player’s performance. The card markets fluctuate season-to-season and even game-to-game based on player performance. Our Player Portfolio feature enables you to put  money into players, proportionally spreading your money across all of a player’s premier cards, instead of requiring you to select each card individually. This allows sports fans to use their sports knowledge to pick players, without the additional overhead of picking individual card variants.

Flex your Collection Online

Share a card or your entire collection with a single click. Showcase your collection to your friends (or the world) through one-click sharing on social media, email and text message.

Better Data - Easy to Understand, Real-time & Verified

Love sports, but lost touch with the card market? We hear ya. The card market has gotten incredibly complex, with hundreds of unique cards printed each year for each player, it’s hard to keep up. Dibbs drastically reduces the research overhead by providing the industry's only real-time pricing data on your favorite players and cards.

Love Cardboard?

No problem. Accumulate a majority ownership of a card and initiate a buyout of the remaining owners. Then we ship you the physical card anywhere in the US right to your door. Voila! Your favorite card is now on your shelf. People love cardboard, and so do we. This business was created to help cardboard, not hurt it.


Want Early Access and Free Cards?

We are kicking Dibbs off with an invite-only launch, where early adopters will receive free cards and exclusive access to the Dibbs platform. To secure your spot on our waitlist, sign up with your email address below. Once you’ve signed up, you will be automatically entered to win some epic free cards! The more people you get to sign up, the faster you move up the waitlist. The higher your ranking in the waitlist, the better cards and discounts you will receive!

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