What’s Dropping in February?

There are some awesome new assets coming to Dibbs in February, including the debut of Marvel Comic books.

What’s Dropping in February?

We’ve got some awesome new assets coming to the platform in February. With major events like the NHL All Star Game, NBA All Star Game, AND the Super Bowl, of course we’ve got that covered.

Plus, with Pokemon’s 26th anniversary at the end of the month, more Pokemon is coming, too.

But, the main event is a new asset class being added to Dibbs. We are officially adding comics to the platform.

First Comic Book Drop:

1974 Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 9 MINT

Though Wolverine made his first cameo on the last page of The Incredible Hulk 180, issue 181 is considered the yellow and blue favorite’s first appearance.

Originally, Wolverines claws were to be attached to his gloves, instead of extensions of his skeleton.

This is a very special comic book, only made more special by the fact that it is the first one to hit Dibbs.

NHL All Star Drop:

2005 Upper Deck #201 Sidney Crosby PSA 10:

Crosby may be snubbed from the All-Star Game this year, but he’s certainly not snubbed from our All-Star Drop. Crosby is one of the best players hockey has ever seen. Sid The Kid comes to Dibbs.

2015 Upper Deck #201 Connor Mcdavid PSA 10

If you’ve ever seen Mcdavid play, you know that he is a truly electric player. In professional sports, it’s rare to see someone genuinely look faster than all their counterparts. That’s what it looks like for Connor Mcdavid.

2016 Upper Deck #201 Auston Matthews PSA 10

Matthews is another young stud on one of the better teams in the league. Just imagine how Maple Leaf fans, and hockey fans, will feel about Matthews if he’s able to lead them out of their playoff misery.

Aaron Rodgers Drop

2005 Playoff Contenders #101 Aaron Rodgers Autograph PSA 10

Yes, Aaron Rodgers is out of the playoffs, and it happened in rather unimpressive fashion. Phew, glad we got that out of the way.

Aaron Rodgers is also one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game, with a made legacy, and unless something out of the ordinary happens, another MVP to come this season.

Plus, we’re talking about a PSA 10 Auto POP 37. There are only 37 cards that exist with this grade, ANYWHERE.

NBA All Star Drop

1996 Topps Chrome Kobe Bryant PSA 10

Kobe Bryant, at this point, is synonymous with basketball. This is debatably the most popular rookie card of one of more legendary players in NBA history. Kobe Bryant’s legacy stands alone. Collecting a Kobe Rookie PSA 10 is never a bad idea.

1992 Topps Gold Shaquille O’Neal PSA 10

Shaquille O’neal is one of the most physically dominant players to ever play in the NBA. A 15 time All-Star and 4-time NBA champion, Shaq’s accomplishments leave little to be desired. This will be just the second Shaq card on Dibbs.

1986 Fleer Sticker Michael Jordan PSA 9

Legend has it that Michael Jordan was a pretty good player back in his day. Among the 132 cards that comprise the 1986 Fleer card series, there were 11 insert stickers. Unsurprisingly, Michael Jordan was the key entry. This is a very special card for an even more special player.

2006 Pokémon Gold Star Charizard - Holo Ex Dragon Frontiers PSA 9

Gold Star Pokémon are extremely rare to find when opening a booster pick, typically there are only about 1 in every 72 packs. They feature shiny, alternate color variants of the Pokémon, creating a slightly different feel with the card.

Stay tuned for more information regarding all of these drops!