Learn how you can capture 10x more digital sales.

Web3’s biggest contribution so far— and for the foreseeable future — is bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Through a process called "tokenization," brands and other IP holders can engage collectors, super fans, and Web3 early adopters in a way that creates new revenue streams and fortifies their legacy.

In this edition, you'll discover useful tips to help formulate your Web3 strategy with a beginner's guide to tokenization-as-a-service, insights from industry thought leaders such as Chris Pantoya and a preview of groundbreaking research on NFT enthusiasts.

The Ultimate Tokenization Guide

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What's Inside

WTF is tokenization?

One low-risk way for marketers to enter Web3 is to tokenize physical assets already in their IP portfolio.

The anti-acronym Web3 glossary

All controversy aside, we believe Elon Musk is right about one thing: Acronyms Seriously Suck.

Insights, interviews and infographics

NFT enthusiasts' temperature check, plus interviews with tokenization and Web3 experts.

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