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If you are looking to increase your IP’s revenue, quickly launch a Web3 community and secure the digital future of your collectibles, tokenization is the perfect solution.

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“Fans get most excited for our memorabilia when those items are closely tied to historical events or nostalgic moments. We were looking to incorporate a strong storytelling component within our digital tokens. Dibbs caught our attention by the way it leverages sentimental milestones of each memorabilia piece in a really unique way.”

SVP Strategic Partnerships
Rock & Roll Band

“Our interest in tokenizing assets was sparked by the minimal risk involved. But the key was making it easy to get started in Web3. Dibbs presented itself as one of the rare Web3 partners that offer all the upside, without the downside. The onerous task we initially felt by entering the space was quickly reduced and we’re excited to create more long-term benefits with them in the near future.”

Chief Executive Officer
Premium Sports Card Brand

“Precious items need a secure way to be authenticated and custodied without compromising the value of the product or its fashionability. We are confident Dibbs can handle these security concerns while we activate new and engaging Web3 experiences. Our goal is to make it unique enough to keep a designer or artist’s interest while making it engaging enough for our most passionate and savvy fanbase.”

Head of Web3 Innovation
Luxury Fashion Retailer

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