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What is Dibbs?

Dibbs is an easy solution for brands, creators and rights holders to turn their physical IP into a verified digital property on the blockchain via a process called tokenization.


  • Okay… but what does that mean?

    • We’ve established an incredibly safe and secure process for the vaulting of physical collectibles, which can then be transacted and traded across blockchains in the form of digital collectibles—a Web3-ready representation of its physical counterpart. This allows, brand and IP holders access to more revenue channels and additional royalties from secondary sales. These digital collectibles can be redeemed by consumers for the physical item at any time, from anywhere, globally.


What problem is Dibbs solving?

Dibbs is a Web3 technology company that specializes in Tokenization-as-a-Service. Our solutions solve the following pain points:


  1. Brands invest an incredible amount of capital into the products they sell, but do not experience the full weight of returns.

    • Through traditional sales channels, returns are diminished by high margins on primary sales, and no avenue for profits within secondary market transactions. Dibbs is providing a framework that delivers more revenue on primary sales and revenue on secondary sales in the form of creator fees.

  2. Companies are hesitant to enter the Web3 space due to recent nefarious activity.

    • Dibbs' mission is to become the most trusted platform in the world for the minting and redemption of physical-backed digital collectibles. We are offering the highest amount of confidence in terms of brand and IP security, transaction monitoring and industry-leading vaulting/insurance capabilities.

  3. Outlive the Web3 hype cycle.

    • As brands work to enter the space and provide meaningful interactions with audiences, Dibbs is proving to be the leading partner for enterprise tokenization, offering best-in-class digital activations and deeper consumer engagements.


What does it take to tokenize assets?

Dibbs is purpose-built to handle everything needed to execute physical-to-digital tokenization and collectible sales.

  • Vaulting, minting, facilitating collections, and physical redemption are all handled by Dibbs. There is only one thing partners need to do to tokenize and sell assets and that is to ship them to our vault.


Where are these items sold?

In this ever-evolving landscape, Dibbs has identified that being blockchain and marketplace agnostic is what’s most beneficial for brands and collectors.


  • Our partners have the ability to mint on their blockchain of choice and introduce products to their preferred marketplace (OpenSea, Rarible, Nifty, etc.). This flexibility allows for instant access to the largest global consumer base imaginable.


How do creator fees work?

The emergence of Web3 has led to the introduction of smart contracts. These blockchain-enabled terms allow for the creators and producers of assets to establish creators fees that essentially work as royalty compensation on the resale of tokenized items.


  • These are generally set between 5% - 15% of the value of the resale.


What if consumers want to take possession of the actual physical item?

Anyone who purchases a Dibbs tokenized asset has the ability to burn the digital NFT and redeem it for the physical item.


  • With a modest redemption fee, items can be shipped anywhere within the US in three days.


What kinds of items can be tokenized?

Any physical collectible that consumers purchase is a good candidate for item tokenization. Whether your brand or business is in the sports, entertainment, music or fashion industry, vaulting and introducing assets through the Dibbs framework will lead to more fluid transactions and higher revenue.



What sets Dibbs apart from competitors?

With over four decades of combined Web3 experience, Dibbs was designed from the ground up to bring collectibles into the digital age in the most hassle-free way possible.


Have more questions about Tokenization?

Download the our tokenization fact sheet to learn more about the process and the benefits it can provide your company.

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