What is Dibbs?

Dibbs is the World's first 24/7 spot market for instantly trading fractional interests in collectibles. The Dibbs platform allows customers to buy, sell and trade fractions of collectible assets from any connected device with just a few clicks.

How does it work?

Dibbs uses tokenized representations of physical assets (Item Tokens) to enable instant trades, either for a full Item Token or a fraction of one. These tokens exist and are transferable on the WAX network.

The physical assets are held by a third-party custodian. A holder of 100% of a Colletible Token can choose to take possession of their asset by surrendering the Item Token to the custodian and requesting shipment of the card to their address.

Who owns the assets on Dibbs?

Dibbs uses a consignment model, meaning that owners of Asset Tokens use Dibbs to sell directly to you.

Where are the physical assets kept?

All assets on Dibbs are held by PWCC Vault, LLC, or other third party custodians meeting the strict requirements set forth in our User Agreement and Consignment Agreement.

Are the physical assets insured?

Absolutely. All collectibles on Dibbs are insured for at least their aggregate value. For more details please see our User Agreement.

Are the assets secured and maintained?

To quote our vaulting partner PWCC's description of their vault and asset security, "The Vault was constructed using the guidelines established by the Underwriters Laboratory and we are proud that it received UL's highest classification of Class III. It is 2000 square feet and surrounded by 11 inches of concrete on all six sides. There are 140 security cameras, motion detection, security during business hours, and rigorous access control and security protocols."

What is a "Drop"?

A Drop is a card that is being offered on the platform at a set price for a specific period of time. Usually, Drops are how new cards are added to the Dibbs’ marketplace.

What is a "Item Token"?

When we receive a physical sports card, we create a digital representation of that card so that it can then be instantly traded on our platform either as a whole card or as fractional interests.

Specifically, Card Tokens are non-fungible ERC-1155 Digital Assets that exist and are transferable on the Ethereum network. Card Tokens are then fractionalized for trading using smart contract technology. Fractions of Card Tokens may be represented by fungible ERC-20 Digital Assets.

What is an "Order Book"?

An order book is used to record the interest of buyers and sellers in the market for a particular Card Token. 

An Order Book is arranged by price for buyers (green) and sellers (red). The green orders are buy orders, and the red orders are sell orders.

Simply put, the Order Book is a list of the various orders that would be placed at various price levels. Understanding and observing the Order Book will help you understand the level of demand or interest in a given Card Token based on other orders placed by collectors on Dibbs.

What is a "FRAC PACK"?

FRAC PACKS are a digital version of a trading card pack. Every new user receives a FRAC PACK in their Collection after their first successful deposit of $20 or more.

Each FRAC PACK contains fractions of at least three graded cards held by a third party custodian. The amount of Card Tokens and their value  may vary by card.

What is a "Collection"?

A Collection is a group of related assets (LeBron James, Pokemon, etc.). Collections enable you to buy an interest in all available assets rather than a single asset alone. By choosing to buy a collection, we spread your buy order proportionally across those assets based on their prices relative to the total value of the Collection so that you end up with an equal percentage interest in each asset within the Collection.

For example, consider a Collection consisting of three assets: Asset 1 (current price $100), Asset 2 (current price $200) and Asset 3 (current price $300), for a total Collection value of $600 ($100 + $200 + $300). Because $100 / $600 = 16.7%, $200 / $600 = 33.3% and $300 / $600 = 50%, however much of the collection you decide to buy needs to be allocated in these proportions to each asset. So if you buy $6 (net of fees), you would effectively be placing a $1 order for Asset 1, a $2 for Asset 2 and a $3 order for Asset 3, resulting in a 1% interest in each Asset.

What is a real-time, 24-7 collectible market?

Exactly what it sounds like (and pretty much what you’d expect from any online trading platform).

You can trade any time of day (or night) because prices are determined by market participants (that’s you!) and the laws of supply and demand.

What trading fees will I pay?

Each trade will include a fee ranging from 0.1% to 5.0% of the Order Value, paid by the buyer.

For a complete breakdown of fees visit:

What is "KYC" and why does Dibbs need all of this private information?

Know Your Customer, or KYC is how we verify a customer’s identity, making sure they aren’t on any prohibited sanctions lists and helping to ensure criminals do not use our platform for illegal purposes. A related term, AML, stands for “Anti Money Laundering”). Institutions that take deposits such as banks or brokerages (or Dibbs!) are required by law to verify certain personal information to confirm that you are who you say you are. That’s KYC / AML. A procedure to confirm your identity and therefore guard against illegal activity.

We require all users to submit identity verification documentation in order to comply with our banking partner's (Primetrust) KYC and AML requirements.

Our KYC / AML process typically takes a few minutes. In rare cases however our banking partner must manually verify your identity which can take a lot longer. Regardless, you will receive an email once your information has been approved. Important Note: Please do not send personal identification (ie. Driver's License, Passport) to Support directly.

Who or what is Primetrust?

Primetrust is our banking partner. Primetrust is a financial institution that provides compliance, identity verification and processing services.

Is my personal information secure?

We employ a number of measures to protect your account and your data and to promote a safe and secure experience on Dibbs.

These security measures include the following: Sensitive details, such as your social security number, are encrypted before they're stored.

Our mobile and web applications securely communicate with our servers using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol with up-to-date configurations and ciphers. Once we verify your banking credentials, we'll never read them again. We use trusted third-party integrations that mask these credentials to access bank information like account number and available balance. The mobile app can be secured using TouchID, FaceID, or a custom PIN code.

We also offer two-factor authentication with an external authenticator app or via SMS. We highly recommend enabling these features on Dibbs and any other application you want to keep secure.

How do I start collecting?

Step 1. Download the Dibbs mobile app or use the web app on any supported browser.

Step 2. Create an account using email and password.

Step 3. Follow the prompts to complete KYC.

Step 4. Add a payment method (Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire Transfer, ACH) and deposit funds.

Step 5. Start collecting!

How do I add money to my Dibbs account?

Adding money to your Dibbs account is simple!

After completing the KYC process, customers will have the choice of depositing money using Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire Transfers or ACH.

What happens when I place a trade, and what are the different types of trades?

There are four types of trades:

- Buy (Instant market order): Your order is executed instantly but only at the best price available relative to the current sell orders in the Order Book. The price will be calculated for you; this is the “Average Price” at which your order will be executed.

- Sell (Instant market order): Your order is executed instantly but only at the best price available relative to the current buy orders in the Order Book. The price will be calculated for you; this is the “Average Price” at which your order will be executed.

- Conditional Buy (limit order): Your order is only executed at the maximum price that you’re willing to pay or less, which you provide. This means the order may not fill immediately, but rather if and when the market reaches the price you set.

- Conditional Sell: Your order is only executed at the minimum price that you’re willing to pay or more. This means the order may not fill immediately, but rather if and when the market reaches the price you set.

Can I buy an entire asset off Dibbs?

Some assets have a lockup period that can range from 12-24 months, while others can be bought out completely at any time. Once you obtain 100% ownership in an asset on Dibbs, you can choose to take physical custody of the underlying physical asset.

Learn more about our custody options HERE.

What are my options for taking custody of an asset?

In order to take custody of an asset on Dibbs, you must first obtain full, 100% ownership of the asset.

When transferring ownership of an asset, there are two custody options:

  1. Transfer To Your Personal Vault
  2. Ship To Your Physical Address

If any assistance is needed, please contact our community team. We are here to make sure the custody process is as simple and smooth as possible.

How do I withdraw funds from my Dibbs account?

Funds can be withdrawn from Dibbs using Wire Transfers to your bank of choice or ACH.

Can I sell my own assets on Dibbs?

Yes! We currently accept all trading cards currently trading on Dibbs that are slabbed and graded. It's simple:

  1. Search the Dibbs market - We accept all cards currently trading on Dibbs that are slabbed and graded.
  2. Find a card you want to sell
  3. Submit your card
  4. Fractionalize and monetize - The card is fractionalized and added to your account. Create limit sell orders to control the price and quantity to sell.

You can learn more about selling with Dibbs here.

Is blockchain technology used on Dibbs?

Yes, the Dibbs Platform allows users to trade digital tokens that represent ownership of physical or digital items (we call these "Item Tokens").

Item Tokens are non-fungible Digital Assets that exist and are transferable on the WAX blockchain. Fractions of Item Tokens may be represented by semi-fungible tokens (we call these "Fractional Tokens").  Fractional Tokens are created when the Item Token is locked in a smart contract - the smart contract will only release the Item Token upon receipt of 100% of the Fractional Tokens.

A Dibbs user who owns all of the Fractional Tokens associated with an Item Token can take possession of the item from the custodian, and have it shipped to the address they provide. Please see the User Agreement for more details.