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Platform overview.

Our platform makes it easy to vault, mint and distribute digital collectibles using the most secure and sophisticated tokenization tools to date — with the best service available in Web3.

From physical to digital and back.

The process of vaulting and minting your collectibles is easy, secure and transparent. Explore the five simple steps below to see how physical-to-digital tokenization works.



Send in your physical collectibles to our fortified vault to be authenticated, scanned and secured with built-in compliance and insurance.



Select a blockchain and marketplace of choice and then mint your physical collectibles with customized smart contracts and Web3-ready royalty structures specific to your brand.



Delight your fans and customers with incredible loyalty programs that offer them exclusive experiences, unique community building opportunities.



Optimize your activations for better engagement, enhance your NFT revenue generation and track security or fraud alerts in an elegant, easy to understand dashboard.



At any time, customers can trade in their digital item token for the physical version with a simple redemption process and easy shipping.

Built for the next generation of

Solve tomorrow’s digital headache with an end-to-end tokenization solution designed with today in mind.

Fewer frictions

Remove intermediaries that cause inefficiencies, take substantial cuts out of your profit or time and put your brand’s customer experience at unnecessary risk.

Global audiences

Wield the power of access to a decentralized platform with simple solutions that cater to audiences around the world with better transaction options, a reliable shipping process and more.

Better experiences

Take advantage of unique one-to-one marketing channels with your most loyal customers to increase their lifetime value, launch exclusive events and build better products.

Collectible KPI's.

View analytics for your NFT revenue generation, all in one place.

Analytics for NFTs? That’s right, our platform let’s you track and optimize all of your digital collectible activations the same way you analyze your web traffic or marketing campaigns. Simply glean insights about your NFTs and then maximize profit potential in real time.

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Metaverses made easy.

Make your next Web3 activation as simple as sending an email.

Create lasting customer lifetime value with digital-ready loyalty programs that open up unthinkable new avenues for brands and IP holders to connect with their most passionate consumers and fans. Surprise, impress and delight with the platform that better manages brand safety expectations.

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Security is comforting.

Keep your digital collectibles safe, lock out fraudsters and sleep better at night.

Ensure your intellectual property is secured with our integrated physical-to-digital vaulting services. Now, both physical and digital collectibles are safe and sound. Every mint, drop and transaction on our platform is monitored to mitigate Web3 fraud.


The future of digital needs a human touch.

Friendly experts, reliable service.

In an industry fraught with anonymity, sometimes you need a face to the name. Our team has deep expertise in all things blockchain. We’ll be there with you every step — err block — of the way. From shipping and vaulting to minting and marketing, our end-to-end process and dedicated customer success make it easy to work with us.

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