Never lose your sense of security.

Feel safe every step of the way. With our integrated physical-to-digital vaulting services, every mint, transaction and redemption on our platform is closely monitored to protect your brand and IP.

Legitimize Web3 with trusted real world authentication.

We use the most reputable curators and grading companies to verify any collectible or object of cultural value.

Fort Dibbs keeps the pirates at bay.

Excellent security meets exceptional digital safety.

Whether it’s a threat at our vault door or suspicious wallet activity, we’ve taken serious measures to flag, expose and combat bad actors.

On-Site Guard
100% Natural Light Free
Backup Generator
Pest Control
Humidity Control

Fed up with rug pulls and unregulated NFT fraud? Yea, we are too.

Third-party audits are conducted annually to make sure we’re buttoned up in the eyes of our regulators.
Employees complete required training and education programs with our certified compliance team.
NFTs minted by Dibbs are 1:1, each NFT represents ownership of the underlying physical asset stored in our vault, which can be redeemed at any time.
Insured, secured and monitored 24/7.

Utilize our technology and Web3 compliance systems to ease your security concerns.

Dibbs identifies and flags bad actors.

The transparency of blockchain technology allows you to track NFTs as soon as they have been minted all the way up to when they are redeemed.


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