Dibbs Partners with Rarible to Introduce Custom Marketplaces for Redeemable NFT Collections
Jonathan Barbone
Dec 5, 2023
2 min read

Dibbs Partners with Rarible to Introduce Custom Marketplaces for Redeemable NFT Collections

Dibbs has partnered with NFT-powerhouse Rarible to offer brands custom web3 marketplaces for their physically-backed NFT collections

Dibbs partners with Rarible NFT Platform


  • Dibbs has partnered with Rarible, a leading NFT platform technology provider, to offer brands fully customizable marketplaces.
  • Combined with Dibbs’ tokenization, this offering allows brands and creators to launch redeemable NFT collections for primary and secondary sales.
  • These collections provide users all of the benefits of digital collectibles with the ownership and option to receive the tokenized physical item.

With a North Star of supporting brands and creators in launching physically-backed NFT collections, Dibbs is consistently identifying opportunities on the best way to launch collections. A major strategic consideration continues to be where these will launch. Enter: Rarible. 

Having built fully branded marketplaces for Mattel’s Barbie and Hot Wheels franchises, McFarlane Toys, FOX Deportes and thousands of others, Rarible has amassed +$300MM in NFT sales, and over two million active monthly users on its platform. 

Dibbs is thrilled to announce a partnership with Rarible, and the introduction of an end-to-end offering for Redeemable NFT collections. 

The Process

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Successful brands on Rarible’s Platform

RaribleX is a turnkey marketplace solution for web3 market leaders and Fortune 500 companies alike. Now live publicly, it has been used by toy companies, PFP communities, art projects, sports organizations and L2 blockchains.

For instance, RaribleX has powered the marketplace for McFarlane Toys, helping the company beloved by collectors across the world take its action figures to Polygon and generate over 1,000,000$ GMV in primary and secondary sales over the past months.


They have launched the secondary sales marketplace built for Mattel on Flow, hosting digital collectibles for two of its flagship IPs — Barbie and Hot Wheels — and currently has over 215,000 unique users. With an average transaction cost of $9 and the email log in option, this marketplace is different from the web3 we know. We see it as a glimpse into the future of NFTs.

More on the Potential for Your Brand

Start a conversation with Dibbs to learn more about how Redeemable NFT collections can engage your audience and drive new fans.

Image of Jonathan Barbone
Jonathan Barbone

Jonathan Barbone is the Senior Director of Partnerships at Dibbs. Jonathan was an avid Magic: The Gathering card collector as a child.

Image of Jonathan Barbone
Jonathan Barbone
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