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An image with a dollar bill wrapped with a red ribbon denoting the value associated with redeemable and claimable NFTs.

Redeemable NFTs vs. Claimable NFTs: What’s the Difference?

Explore the differences between claimable and redeemable NFTs and how they can revolutionize brand engagement and user loyalty

Navigating the world of NFTs often means encountering a plethora of jargons and terminologies. Among these terms, businesses and customers are often presented with the concept of redeemable and claimable NFTs. 

Steps representing a business’s path towards the public launch of its redeemable NFTs

A Business' Guide to Minting Redeemable NFTs

Discover how to mint redeemable NFTs starting from defining the type of NFTs to marketing your campaign.

Redeemable NFTs are digital collectibles that can be exchanged for real-world assets, experiences or benefits. They have garnered significant interest from customers as they provide tangible value and create a sense of exclusivity due to their uniqueness.

Web2 Brands with NFTs are Winning in Web3 with Strategic Partnerships

The NFT market is gradually regaining its footing following the recent crypto winter. But recovery has a long way to go given the consistent decline in daily average trading volume. Yet, major web2 businesses are entering the web3 space and using NFTs to improve customer engagement. 

But why are Web2 brands so interested in utilizing NFTs amidst such challenging market conditions?

This article answers the question, explains the potential roadblocks brands may face when transitioning into the web3 space, and lists examples of web2 brands that are making it big in web3 with NFTs and the right business partnerships.

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An outlet of Louis Vuitton, one of the major global brands exploring NFTs

Biggest NFT Brands and What They’re Doing with NFTs

The NFT ecosystem looks promising as more web2 brands enter the web3 space with collectibles and digital wearables. Recently, it was Dior and 7-Eleven that caught the attention of the masses with their phygital and digital collection respectively. But why are brands invested in NFTs? 

NFTs create scarcity and exclusivity, and it’s easy to verify their authenticity and ownership. Also, it’s possible for NFTs to have special traits depending on their rarity. So, they have numerous applications in the real and digital worlds. That means brands can give away digital collectibles instead of freebies and discounts and create unique customer experiences along the way to improve retention and revenue.