Comic Books You Should Collect: Ms. Marvel #1 (2014)
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Feb 5, 2022
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Comic Books You Should Collect: Ms. Marvel #1 (2014)

This February, Dibbs, the real time fractional marketplace for collectibles and NFT sports cards, is showcasing iconic comic book issues that you should be collecting, all in part to celebrate comic books making their way onto the platform! While not every book we feature will end up on the Dibbs app, our list is jam-packed with the greatest stories from old and new!

Be sure to join us, February 8th @ 10am PST / 1pm EST, when we drop our first graded comic book, The Incredible Hulk #181 (The first appearance of Wolverine)!

The Muslim Heroine from Jersey City

While there have been several Muslim heroes in comics prior to Kamala Khan's tenure as the super heroine, Ms. Marvel #1 marks the first time a Muslim character starred in their own series. Marvel editor Sana Amanat recalls the series was inspired by a "desire to explore the Muslim-American diaspora from an authentic perspective." Her creators intentions weren't to highlight religion or Islam itself, but instead to showcase Kamala struggles with balancing her commitments towards her family, her faith, and being a 16-year old teenager in Jersey City.

Kamala's personality shines in this book and the series overall, and doesn't hide the fact that she's a teenager. Kamala trades witty quips, pop culture references, and even "fangirls" over superheroes she's always idolized. In many ways, Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel is the modern day Peter Parker.

The Story

The first struggle we see Kamala face is bacon. She claims she just wants to smell it, but her friend and store clerk, Bruno, tells her to "eat it or stick to her principles". The teenager's self control prevails.  Her constitution is test yet again when her classmates invite her and her friend, Kiki, to a high school party.  With alcohol and boys present, there is no way they'd be allowed. Kamala, Kiki, and Bruno sonder off to school.

At dinner, Kamala asks her parents about going to the party. Their answer is an unsurprising, "no". Kamala and her father start arguing, resulting in her being sent to her room.  Unable to resist the urges to be 16, Kamala sneaks out and makes her way to the party.

After Kamala is tricked into drink alcohol, Bruno tries to convince her to go back home. She instead storms away from the party, just as "Terrigenesis Mist" swallows the party goers. This mist activates Kamala's dormant "Inhuman cells", and gives her superpowers.

Not The First Ms. Marvel

The moniker of Ms. Marvel originally belonged to Carol Danvers, who over the years assumed many titles including Binary, Warbird, and more recently Captain Marvel. Sharon Venutra, better known as She-Thing, also temporarily used the name. Even supervillain, Moonstone, borrowed the name when she joined Norman Osborne's Dark Avengers.

While Marvel comics is know for shaking things up, it appears the mantle is in permanent hands with Kamala Khan. The character is set to debut in her own television series on Disney+, and co-star in the film 'The Marvels' along with Captain Marvel, and Monica Rambeau.

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