Distinctive shape representing NFT utility in the sphere of physical and digital worlds

5 Ways to Use Redeemable NFTs to Offer Real NFT Value to Customers

Redeemable NFTs provide value and utility beyond digital collectibles. Checkout what values can NFTs bring to your brand and customers.

NFTs started out as mere digital collectibles with a certificate of authenticity and true ownership intact. But, today, these digital assets have expanded their horizons from digital art and profile pictures (PFPs) to assets with a mix of physical and digital value — "phygital" assets — as well as gaming-related NFTs

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Dibbs' comic book,

Dibbs' Comic Book "The Wild, Wild Web" Nominated as Finalist for Content Marketing Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Dibbs' comic book, The Wild, Wild Web, has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious Content Marketing Awards, specifically in the Visual Storytelling category for Best Use of Illustration. This recognition is a testament to the exceptional creativity and talent displayed by Alex de Campi, Bradley Tusk, and the Dibbs’ team behind this remarkable work.

NBA legend, Baron Davis, and Dibbs co-founder and CEO, Evan Vandenberg, explore the physical-backed digital collectibles landscape

Securing the Future of Collectibles with Baron Davis & Evan Vandenberg

In recent years, the sports collectibles landscape has rapidly changed. Projects without collectibility, repeatability, and utility have fallen by the wayside. A few weeks ago, NBA legend Baron Davis and Dibbs co-founder and CEO Evan Vandenberg explored the current collectibles landscape at Collision Conference, one of the largest tech conferences in the world.

Baron discusses his passion for collectibles and how he sees the future of the industry. He believes that collectibles should be more than just digital objects. They should also provide access, utility, and storytelling elements. Evan shares his vision for Dibbs' Taas (Tokenization-as-a-Service) solution, a platform that allows brands to tokenize their high-value items as physical-backed digital collectibles on the blockchain. He believes that Dibbs can revolutionize the collectibles industry by making it more accessible, efficient, and global.

Check out exclusive images from the conversation, and read on to hear how Baron discussed the key factors for successful collectibles projects for today and tomorrow.

A marketer gesticulating and explaining a web3 idea in a light office

Selling A Web3 Idea To The C-Suite: A Marketing Guide by Ben Plomion

"Selling An Idea To The C-Suite: A CMO's Guide" by Dibbs' CMO, Ben Plomion, is a presentation that discusses how CMOs and other marketing leaders can persuade the C-suite to approve any innovative marketing ideas.

If you are a marketing leader who works with the C-suite or board of directors, this guide can help you understand what resonates most with these decision-makers. The advice here can be applied to any innovative idea, but it is especially relevant for those in the fields of AI and web3.