Comic Books You Should Collect: Walking Dead #1
The Dibbs Team
Feb 2, 2022
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Comic Books You Should Collect: Walking Dead #1

This February, Dibbs, the real time fractional marketplace for collectibles and NFT sports cards, is showcasing iconic comic book issues that you should be collecting, all in part to celebrate comic books making their way onto the platform! While not every book featured will end up on the Dibbs app, our list is jam-packed with the greatest stories from old and new!

Be sure to join us, February 8th @ 10am PST / 1pm EST, when we drop our first graded comic book, The Incredible Hulk #181 (The first appearance of Wolverine)!

The Slow Start of a Worldwide Phenomenon

When Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore's 'The Walking Dead' was first released in 2003, orders for the unproven title failed to sell even 7,500 copies. Despite the slow start to sales, readers' interests were immediate. Kirkman's story focused less on the usual zombie-filled gore and more on its characters, the world's societal collapse, and humanity's basic survival.

The serious and emotional tones featured in 'The Walking Dead' was a large departure from the duo's previous comedy title, 'Battle Pope', and it took the series over 3 years to crack the top 100 best selling comics of the month (issue #36 sold 21,290 copies). The series would continue to see small growth until October 2010, when the television adaptation by AMC first aired to raving reviews. The shows' popularity brought in fresh readers who were dying to delve deeper into the zombie wasteland!

In 2019, Robert Kirkman confirmed that the series would be ending with issue #193, thus ending its 16 year run. From humble beginnings, 'The Walking Dead' became one of the best-selling creator-owned comic series of all time!

Story Synopsis

After suffering a gunshot wound while on duty, local police deputy Rick Grimes wakes up in a hospital bed. Startled and completely alone, Rick attempts to find a nurse only to discover the hospital has been abandoned and is filled with rotting, decomposing corpses. While searching for signs of life, Rick is accosted by a hoard of zombies but manages to escape unharmed. Outside the hospital, Rick encounters a half-eaten zombie guarding a bicycle. He steals the bicycle and makes his way home.

When Rick arrives, he finds his house has been looted and abandoned. He steps outside to survey the neighborhood, but is hit over the head with a shovel by Duane Jones and rendered unconscious.

Rick finally comes to and is greeted by Morgan Jones, Duane's father, who invites him to dinner. After hearing Rick's story, Morgan explains that not a lot is known about what's caused the outbreak, but mentions the media has informed everyone to relocate to larger cities so that they could be protected. After learning this, Rick is convinced his wife Lori and son Carl have made their way to Atlanta to stay with his in-laws.

Morgan and Duane drive Rick to the police station he works at, and as a 'thank you', Rick lets Morgan take weapons and ammo from the station's armory. While Morgan selects which guns to take, Rick changes into his uniform to prepare for his trip to Atlanta. As one last parting gesture, Rick gives Morgan the keys to an older police cruiser. Rick wishes the father and son well and makes off with his own cruiser towards Atlanta.

Before departing, Rick returns to the zombie who guarded the bicycle and tearfully shoots her in the head.

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