DIBBS | Fractionaut Spotlight 002
The Dibbs Team
May 2, 2022
1 min read

DIBBS | Fractionaut Spotlight 002

Welcome to Fractionaut Spotlight, where we feature collectors from our Discord community, ask them about their collecting experience and highlight their PCs. ICYMI, “Fractionauts” are what we call collectors on Dibbs, the members of our community.

Dibbs: The second collector we are spotlighting is Game1040#8822, AKA Carlos. Game, why don’t you introduce yourself to the Dibbsverse?

Game1040: I am an undergraduate student studying Secondary Science Education and you can find me on Twitter @CarlosG97455437.

Dibbs: How long have you been a Fractionaut?

Game1040: 6 months.

Dibbs: What is in your PC?

Game1040: I enjoy collecting Vladimir Guerrero Jr. since he has shown to be a good baseball player and we share a Dominican heritage. I think that LaMelo Ball is a well rounded player based on his ability to rebound and assist. I started collecting his cards after I bought from his NFT collection in order to have IRL.

Dibbs: What was your first card?

Game1040: The Pokémon [TCG] set (early 2000s). A funny story regarding the Pokémon set was that it was given to my sister by my cousins and we would always play with them when we were younger with a quarter to determine who went first. Our parents threw it in the trash because they considered it evil. I probably messed up the corners and surface so bad[ly] haha.

Dibbs: What is your grail card?

Game1040: Pele 1958 Alifabolaget.

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