DIBBS | Fractionaut Spotlight 003
The Dibbs Team
May 16, 2022
6 min read

DIBBS | Fractionaut Spotlight 003

Welcome to Fractionaut Spotlight, where we feature collectors from our Discord community, ask them about their collecting experience and highlight their PCs. ICYMI, “Fractionauts” are what we call collectors on Dibbs, the members of our community.

Dibbs: The next collector we are spotlighting is a long-time Dibbs collector, **Chomper**#8504, AKA Billy. Tell us about yourself.

Chomper: I live in St. Louis. I went to Southeast Missouri State University for Sports Management. I enjoy playing volleyball and poker, landscaping, volunteering at the animal shelter and interior design.

Dibbs: How long have you been a Fractionaut?

Chomper: 14 months

Dibbs: Where can people find you on social media?

Chomper: I'm @GreatValleySportsCards on Instagram.

Dibbs: What is in your PC?

Chomper: Chicago Bulls and St. Louis Cardinals, Rams and Blues

Dibbs: What was your first card?

Chomper: The 1995 Skybox Premium Dennis Rodman #159

Dibbs: What is your most valuable card?

Chomper: The 1996-97 Fleer Metal Platinum Portraits Michael Jordan #5 BGS 9.5

Dibbs: What is your most sentimental card?

Chomper: The 1995 Upper Deck SP Dennis Rodman #22. The reason that card is most sentimental to me is because it was earned after winning my first ever fist fight at 12 years old. My next-door neighbor and I used to play 1v1 basketball in the street, and the winner could choose any card from the others' collection. I chose that card, and he refused to give it up.So we battled. Good friends to this day, though. I’ll never get rid of the card or his friendship.

Dibbs: What is your grail card?

Chomper: The 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan BGS Black Label.

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