DIBBS | Fractionaut Spotlight 004
The Dibbs Team
May 23, 2022
2 min read

DIBBS | Fractionaut Spotlight 004

Welcome back to Fractionaut Spotlight, where we highlight collectors from our Discord community and ask them five questions about their collecting experience. The next collector we are highlighting is parrotdave#4941.

Dibbs:  What’s your name?

Parrotdave: Dave Coons

Dibbs: Tell us about yourself.

Parrotdave: Marketing Professional, Soccer Dad, Novice Furniture Builder, and Live Music Enthusiast (in the rare instance I have time)

Dibbs:  How long have you been a Fractionaut?

Parrotdave: Since early 2021. Joined just before the MJ drop.

Dibbs:  What is in your PC?

Parrotdave: Fairly eclectic. Primarily baseball rookies of established stars on a HOF path and rookie football QBs. My biggest rookie collections currently are Mookie Betts and Manny Machado. I also have a decent collection of some of the biggest stars outside of the big sports. Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, Alex Morgan and Hulk Hogan.

parrotdave's PC

"I’m a believer in PSA 9s over 10s. Just as much eye appeal and allows your collection to grow much deeper."

Dibbs: What was your first card?

Parrotdave: My first packs were 1986 Topps football and I still have my pulled Jerry Rice under glass and 35 year old screws. I still remember the 1986 Fleer basketball box as a kid that I ignored sitting next to the Topps football.  Who would want that?

Dibbs: What is your most valuable card?

Parrotdave:  I’m really not sure. Most likely either a Mahomes RC or a Mookie Betts Parallel RC. Nothing crazy big. I’m a believer in PSA 9s over 10s. Just as much eye appeal and allows your collection to grow much deeper.

Dibbs: What is your most sentimental card?

Parrotdave: Probably the 1961 Topps Dick Howser RC. He managed my KC Royals to their first World Series when I was a kid. This card was what connected me to the history of the sport and the history of cards. The Manager used to be a player and had a rookie card??? To this day if I see a clean, centered copy I buy it.

Dibbs: What is your grail card?

Parrotdave: On the eventual/obtainable side, it’s not a card, it’s the 1959 Topps Baseball set. I can’t think of another set as aesthetically pleasing as that set. The pops of color, the all lowercase font for the player’s name. This set is like watching an episode of Mad Men. I’m barely 30 cards into my mid-grade collection so will take some time. Less obtainable, the low serial numbered Mookie Betts 2014 Update Parallels (camo, black, pink and clear). Extremely rare when one of these goes up for sale.


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