Let's talk about the 2009 Bowman '48 Stephen Curry ROOKIE /2009 PSA 10
The Dibbs Team
Dec 21, 2021
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Let's talk about the 2009 Bowman '48 Stephen Curry ROOKIE /2009 PSA 10

Not that we needed more proof, but it’s officially official: Steph Curry is the best shooter to ever walk this planet.

After hitting his 2,974th 3-pointer on Tuesday, December 14th against the Knicks, Curry has eclipsed Ray Allen and left no doubt about who the greatest shooter ever is.

Now, the sheer number of 3-point shots he has made is pretty incredible. It becomes otherworldly when looking at the amount of games it took him to get there… especially when compared to Ray Allen.

Steph Curry: 789 games

Ray Allen: 1,300

That is 511 fewer games.

Some other numbers that stand out…

789: The amount of games it took Steph Curry to beat the all-time record

402: Curry owns the record for three-pointers made in a single season. If this record is to be broken soon, my bet is on Curry to break his own record.

2: Curry is a two-time MVP, a two-time scoring champion, and a two-time three-point contest champion.

Let’s talk about the drop this Thursday, December 23rd: 2009 Bowman '48 Stephen Curry ROOKIE RC /2009 #106 PSA 10 GEM MINT

Why is this card a no-brainer?

He’s Stephen Freakin’ Curry

For all the reasons already stated above. But really, that’s just the half of it. Curry is easily one of the most influential basketball players… ever.

He has completely changed the way the game is played. Even just a decade ago, nobody would have ever thought guarding someone from basically half court would be required. And then Curry started taking, and more importantly, making shots from just inside half court.

Naturally, others have followed his footsteps. Damian Lillard is likely the best example. He has extended his range to a point where teams must account for him from deep. Trae Young, too, has this ability.

Beyond just current NBA players, Curry has changed the way the game is practiced, even for young kids.

Now, whether young kids practicing near half court shots on a regular basis is a good thing can certainly be debated. Nonetheless, Curry is undeniably a trailblazer who has changed the game for good.

Collecting legends who have changed the game, and will almost certainly end up top 3 at their position? Say no more.

This card has a print run of 2009, POP 133

This is a rare, special card. Not to mention, anyone who remembers Curry’s special March Madness run with Davidson has to feel a sense of nostalgia seeing the top of the Davidson jersey in the image.

Little did we know Curry would go on to do that, and more, for years in the NBA…

A discounted price you can’t get anywhere else

As you already know, it took Curry 789 games to eclipse Ray Allen’s three-point record. So, naturally, we are taking off $789 from the Card Ladder average price, putting this drop at a 12% discount.

Plus, this same card last sold at $9,525. This is truly a deal you can’t find anywhere else.

Wrapping it all up

Curry’s success to this point is truly remarkable, especially when considering the constant ankle injuries he dealt with early in his career. He has overcome so much, and is quite literally unstoppable.

Sure, there are games where he may miss more shots than others. There are defenders who can make it more difficult for him. However, nobody can stop him.

Curry, at age 33, looks to be smack in the middle of his prime. The Warriors are once again title contenders, and his fellow splash brother, Klay Thompson, isn’t even back yet.

Another MVP award and/or NBA championship would do wonders for his already pristine legacy.

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