The 6 Best Places to Buy & Sell Baseball Cards Online
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Aug 22, 2022
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The 6 Best Places to Buy & Sell Baseball Cards Online

From international marketplaces to individual dealers, these are the best ways to buy and sell collectible baseball cards on the internet.

The 7 Best Places to Buy & Sell Baseball Cards Online

There are countless ways to buy and sell baseball cards online, and each one comes with unique pros and cons. Whether you’re looking to move a complete collection or hoping to find that one perfect card, there are tools out there that can help you get the job done. Some platforms focus on physical collectibles, while others take a more digital approach to the world of baseball card trading. Here are seven of the best places to trade baseball cards online.

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The 6 Best Places to Buy & Sell Baseball Cards Online


Beckett traces its roots to 1979, when founder James Beckett published the very first Sport Americana Baseball Card Price Guide. From Beckett Magazine’s humble print beginnings in the ‘80s, the company has grown into the modern age with digital subscriptions, a mobile app, a podcast, and more. In addition to making media about collectibles from cards to coins, Beckett maintains a robust pricing database and offers services like grading, authentication, and an online registry. Customers can use the Beckett Marketplace to sell and buy baseball cards online with confidence, and can even go through Beckett to list huge baseball card collections on other popular marketplace sites like eBay.

Check Out My Cards

Check Out My Cards, better known as COMC, serves as a clearinghouse for buying and selling baseball cards online. Individuals can send in single cards or complete collections, and the COMC team will take care of cataloging, grading, and listing the cards for sale. If you’re selling, COMC will store your baseball cards while you set asking prices and respond to buyer inquiries. As your collection sells, you can convert credits to cash or use them to buy other cards, boxes, or cases on the site. COMC offers a tiered commission structure based on the quantity and value of the baseball cards you want to sell. For buyers, going through a specialized company like COMC adds an extra layer of confidence that each item has been verified and authenticated. And if disputes do arise, it helps to have an official mediator standing between the buyer and the seller that understands the world of collectibles.

Dealer Websites

There are also countless independent dealers that run their own baseball card shops online. Whether by launching their own websites or hosting accounts on popular marketplace platforms, working with a dealer can offer a more personal approach. For baseball card collectors who prefer the human touch and in-person interactions instead of efficiency-focused processes and tech tools, buying and selling in partnership with a dealer may be the right way to go. Sellers can benefit from establishing personal relationships with leading dealers in the world of collectibles, and buyers can trust dealers’ intimate industry knowledge when it comes to hunting down a specific card, for example.


Although it doesn’t necessarily focus on baseball cards, eBay is a popular place to buy and sell baseball cards online. Because it’s a major marketplace with established systems, buying and selling through eBay can feel more secure and reliable than transacting person-to-person or with collectors you don’t already know. eBay sellers can list a certain number of items for free each month; after that, eBay charges an “insertion fee” for each listing plus the commission they take when the item sells (both are calculated based on variables like listing category, sale price, etc). Although those fees can add up, eBay’s reach exposes buyers and sellers to millions of users around the world.


StockX is a managed marketplace site that specializes in “current culture” and collectibles. Every item for sale on the site goes through the company’s multi-step authentication process and is stored in the company’s warehouse until it sells. The transparent pricing system uses historical data and real-time market fluctuations to assure both buyers and sellers that they’re getting a fair price. Unlike eBay, where sellers post photos and write their own item descriptions, StockX manages each listing to ensure accuracy. Because high quality collectibles like baseball cards can come with high price tags, StockX also has dedicated security and fraud teams to support customers. The company applies a percentage-based transaction fee to each sale, and the more you sell, the lower your fees are.

Social Media & Online Forums

If dedicated baseball card websites don’t meet your needs, buyers and sellers also often make connections on social media websites. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Craigslist all enable sellers to advertise baseball cards, and buyers who tap into those communities can stay in the loop with what’s popular or getting attention on any given day. Each platform or forum has its benefits — Facebook Groups and Pages allow communities to flourish and Instagram’s image-focused nature is great for showcasing cards for sale, for example — but keep in mind that you’re flying solo when you interact directly with other individuals to buy or sell baseball cards online. Make sure to do your research about both the person on the other end of the transaction and the cards themselves.

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