Dibbs is expanding!
The Dibbs Team
Oct 26, 2022
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Dibbs is expanding!

We’ve got exciting news. As our longtime loyal customers and fans we wanted to make sure you hear it first.

Dibbs is expanding

Over the next few days (and weeks!) you’ll start to see what we’ve been hard at work on.

This Thursday, October 27, we’ll be at TechCrunch Live. Our CEO, Evan Vandenberg and Dibbs investor Bradley Tusk will be on stage to discuss our marketplace and the future of collectibles. Plus, an exciting announcement…

We’ll be previewing our brand-new tokenization solutions business. This is a massive opportunity we’d like to capitalize on that enables the most beloved athletes, celebrities and creators to extend the life and value of their collectibles.

Dibbs makes blockchain more accessible for major brands and tech companies by offering up our technology and expertise to empower them to create amazing Web3 activations, drops, events, metaverses—and much more!—all with your favorite collectibles.

Simply put: We are your physical to digital partner in Web3.

TC Live soft launch header

Keep reading for answers to questions that you may have surrounding our expansion.


Q: What is changing?

A: We are introducing a new frontier: Dibbs’ new TaaS (Tokenization-as-a-Service) solutions. Over the next few days (and weeks) you’ll start to see what we’ve been hard at work on. You will see a new web URL for the Dibbs Marketplace, a new homepage on dibbs.io and a new look across Dibbs’ social channels. Fret not! The mobile app will remain the same and there will be no changes to the marketplace.

Q: What is TaaS?

A: TaaS is an acronym that stands for “Tokenization-as-a-Service,” which is the process of digitizing ownership of real-world assets into security tokens. Dibbs is rooted in TaaS. Historically, each physical item sold on Dibbs sits in a vault with a reputable third party where we then create an NFT that represents the title to that item. These NFTs are viewable on-chain, and they contain data for any collectible’s metadata that we have access to. Every collectible on Dibbs is represented by an NFT. Today, Dibbs vaults, authenticates, scans, insures, tokenizes and mints each collectible on its marketplace. Anyone who purchases a Dibbs tokenized asset has the ability to burn the digital NFT and redeem it for the physical item. Items can be shipped anywhere within the U.S. in just a few days.

Q: Why the change?

A: Over the past two years, we built the foundational pipes that can be trusted by institutions (brands, financial firms, regulators, etc.) to take physical collectibles through a safe and secure process to produce digital versions that can be bought and sold on Web3 marketplaces. Thanks to users like you, Dibbs gained unparalleled experience in the marketplace ecosystem, allowing us to grow into an experienced partner for any company or brand pursuing a Web3 strategy. As wallet shares increasingly shift to the digital world, Dibbs’ framework enables a more secure digital future, strengthens relationships between consumers and brands and offers new ways for collectors to collect and gain both fractional and whole ownership of highly sought after goods. 

Q: What are Dibbs’ goals?

For the near future, Dibbs has three primary goals that can be summarized as follows:

  1. Brands invest an incredible amount of capital into the products they sell. Through traditional sales channels, returns are diminished by high margins in primary sales, and there is no avenue for profits in secondary market transactions. Dibbs is providing a framework that delivers more revenue on primary sales as well as revenue on secondary sales in the form of creator fees.
  2. Companies are hesitant to enter the Web3 space with recent nefarious activity. Dibbs plans to offer tokenized collectibles for brands and IP owners in a secure way through regulation, transaction monitoring, and industry-leading vaulting and insurance capabilities.
  3. Web3 is here to stay. As brands strategize how to enter the space in order to maintain meaningful interactions with their communities, Dibbs is now the partner that provides best-in-class digital activations leading to deeper connections and engagements.

Q: Is Dibbs shutting down the Marketplace?

A: No. The Dibbs Marketplace will remain active with regular Drops. Should there be changes coming to the Marketplace, you will be the first to know. 

Q: What’s going to happen to my money and assets?

A: Your money and assets will remain safely in your wallet. Any changes in the future, should they occur, will be provided with ample notice.

Q: What’s going to happen to my Dibbs Gems? Frac Packs?

A: There will be no changes to the Dibbs Rewards Program at this time.

Q: How are new Dibbs Drops going to be affected?

A: Drops will remain the same and will stay aligned with pop cultural events. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and join our Discord server for up-to-date drop-related information. 

Q: Are you focused on growing your user base?

A:  While we are shifting some of our resources towards growing our B2B2C (business-to-business-to-consumer) business, the Marketplace will remain a priority. As we continue to learn and understand the wants and needs of our customers, we will keep you informed of what’s happening and when.

Q: What is B2B2C?

A: You may already be familiar with B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business). B2B2C (business-to-business-to-consumer) extends the B2B model to include e-commerce for consumers with the goal of creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the suppliers of goods and services and their consumers. We’re using our technology and expertise to make blockchain more accessible to major brands and technology companies, empowering them to build/create amazing Web3 activations, drops, events, metaverses—and much more!—with your favorite collectibles.

Q: Should we expect new features on the Dibbs Marketplace?

A: We are committed to continue listening to users and implementing features that make your experience better, be it the Marketplace or our TaaS solutions business.

Q: What is Web3?

A: In short, Web3 (also known as Web 3.0) is the internet’s next evolution and, potentially, a way to bring it closer to its founders’ vision by making it more democratic, decentralized, and peer-to-peer. Web3’s architects aim to rewrite the web by eliminating central powers like banks and media platforms and distributing wealth, ownership, and information along blockchains. 

Q: Who will be some of the future potential partners for minting?

A: We’re exploring partnerships with your most beloved brands. Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on our expansion.

Q: How do I contact Dibbs Support?

A: These are the best ways to get in touch with us:

  1. Related to Dibbs’ expansion, please submit your feedback and/or any outstanding questions you may have here
  2. Join our Discord server where you will be the first to know about any relevant updates and can chat with the Dibbs team. 
  3. For account-related inquiries, use our live chat support feature. Our live chat operates between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm ET, Monday through Friday. Feel free to message support outside of these hours. You should expect a response the following business day on a ticket sent outside of our live chat hours.

Image of The Dibbs Team
The Dibbs Team

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