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Dibbs wins Collectech Award in New Technology, Digital Collectibles

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Nila Lê


The Collectech Summit is an annual event that brings together industry leaders from across the collectibles space, including trading cards, sneakers, and NFTs. The summit is a chance for these leaders to share their insights and best practices, and to network with each other. It is also a chance for attendees to learn about the latest trends and developments in the collectibles industry.

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6 Things to Consider When Choosing Tokenization Services

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Evan Vandenberg

A 2020 report clocked the total value of the tokenized item market at over $18 billion USD, a large figure considering the relatively short time that tokenized items have been mainstream. Brands and businesses have clearly taken note of the growth potential that tokenizing items can bring, but penetrating the market without direction can be a costly disaster.

Instead of scrambling for a strategy, tokenization services give brands an accessible pathway to tokenizing and leveraging their items through partnership. However, brands must first vet a variety of tokenization services to determine which partner can deliver the security and scale necessary for success.

How are Web2 Brands Adding Utility to NFTs?

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Ben Plomion

Research institutions don’t hold back when publishing lofty future valuations of the NFT (non-fungible token) industry. One such report puts the 2030 valuation of the NFT ecosystem at over $211 billion.

What should the layperson or a non-web3-native business exploring NFTs make out of that number, except that it's a huge one?

Will the valuation be driven by exotic art pieces selling as NFTs? Or will the hyperactive communities of gaming NFTs pump NFT prices to that valuation? And above all, what should a brand or user bet on?

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Going Physical to Digital in Web3 Can Benefit Your Entertainment Business

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Evan Vandenberg

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: “Web3 is going to revolutionize the way businesses use the internet.” It’s a statement we believe to be inherently true, but it’s also frustratingly vague. What does the growing adoption of blockchain technologies behind web3 truly mean for businesses? What do its new concepts of ownership and authenticity in a digital space mean in practical terms? While new applications are emerging by the day, one of the most compelling use cases is already here: going from physical to digital in web3.

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Breaking Down Barriers to Mainstream Adoption of Web3: How companies are Making it Easy for Consumers

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Jonathan Barbone

As brands recognize the revenue potential and value of Web3 technologies, many are hesitant to embrace the ecosystem due to several barriers, including toxic headlines, unclear monetization strategies and the technical and purchasing barriers presented to consumers. The growing popularity of  NFTs, Metaverse and other digital ownership-related technologies has companies taking action to break down these barriers, allowing for broader consumer engagement.

A Day in the Life of an NFT

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The Dibbs Team

10:00 AM

Today’s the big day—I’m getting authenticated. An expert will examine my provenance trail, kind of like a background check. I’m not worried, of course, but it’s always nice to be validated by companies like PSA/ Beckett, Analogr, and CGC/WATA.

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Choosing an Asset Tokenization Platform: How to Build Your Shortlist

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Jonathan Barbone

Tokenization is an excellent way for IP owners, collectors, property owners, and businesses to monetize their most valuable assets. Unless you already have extensive experience creating and promoting your own physical-backed NFTs, you’ll be best served by finding a partner to help you issue tokens and manage investor communications. Most importantly, this tokenization platform must understand your asset’s monetary and cultural value as intimately as it understands the technological complexity of the blockchain.

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5 Tokenization Companies Helping Bring Physical Assets into The Metaverse

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Ben Plomion

Everything’s going digital these days — even physical assets. We’re not talking about staking out the virtual equivalent of real estate in a metaverse somewhere and hoping the land will appreciate in value. We’re talking about brands and organizations finding effective and profitable ways to monetize the real, physical assets they hold using the blockchain. It’s a new way of doing business, but it’s already a potent one. If you want to get started right, your best bet will be to follow the example of or partner up with dedicated asset tokenization companies.

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How to Tokenize Music

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Ben Plomion

The same modern streaming platforms that make digital distribution possible also pay fractions of a penny with each play. Thankfully, artists are finding new ways to engage directly with fans by selling exclusive tracks, assets, and collectibles. There’s just one problem — understanding how to tokenize music without falling into the same pitfalls that plagued the old ways of digital distribution (or discovering all-new ones). Thankfully, the process is far less complicated than even the biggest names in music might realize.