What Are NFT Pokémon Cards?
The Dibbs Team
Apr 29, 2022
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What Are NFT Pokémon Cards?

So you’ve picked up on the popularity of Pokémon cards. Maybe you dusted off your collection to see if there are any valuable gems hiding in your childhood memory box, or maybe you just want to get in on the action today. Either way, NFT Pokémon cards are going to pop up on your radar sooner or later. How do those colorful cardboard collectibles go from physical items to digital assets? How do you turn your cards into NFTs, or buy into the most valuable Pokémon NFTs out there? This primer will answer those questions and more to help you get up to speed on the emerging world of NFT Pokémon cards.

What Are NFT Pokémon Cards?

NFT Pokémon cards are digital assets backed by physical objects in the real world. It all starts with a real, physical Pokémon card — yes, those very same cards that were all the rage in the ‘90s. Each card can be minted to the blockchain as a digital asset called an NFT, or non-fungible token. When you own a Pokémon NFT, you actually own a digital token that represents the physical card. Typically third-party custodians hold and maintain the real world Pokémon cards that back each NFT.

Because each NFT Pokémon card exists as a digital version of its physical counterpart, it can also be fractionalized into multiple smaller pieces without impacting the value of the original object. That lets multiple collectors get in on the action with a single Pokémon NFT, which wouldn’t be possible with a physical card (because as soon as you chop it up, it’s no longer as valuable as it was when it was whole).

How Can I Turn My Pokémon Cards Into NFTs?

So you’ve decided to turn your Pokémon cards into NFTs instead of selling them on eBay or another online marketplace. Now what? First, you send in your physical card to be verified, insured, and vaulted. It’s important to have the professionals double check that your card is authentically what you think it is, instead of a replica or a knockoff. You’ll probably need to ship it to a custodian, which is a company that acts as a neutral third party. The custodian will not only insure your physical card for its real-world value but also store it in a secure, climate-controlled facility.

Then, it’s minting time. A digital version of your physical card is minted to the blockchain as an item token. That token is the NFT that can be bought, sold, and traded as a crypto asset tied to the value of the card in the real world (back in the vault with the custodian, at this point). You can hold the crypto asset yourself, or you can work with a platform like Dibbs to start trading it on the fractional collectibles market. Dibbs is also a great option if you’re wondering where to buy Pokémon NFTs — the digital marketplace allows you to buy instantly or set a bid-style price limit on either a fraction or the entirety of an asset.

By fractionalizing your Pokémon NFTs, you can sell off your digital asset either in pieces or as a whole unit in order to invest in other NFT assets or digital collectibles. It’s a cool way to make Pokémon collecting and trading more accessible and community-oriented — going in on a highly valuable card with a group of friends or a team of strangers is a totally different experience to buying it outright on your own.

What Are The Most Valuable Pokémon Card NFTs?

In 2022, Pokémon cards are seeing a real resurgence. Individual cards can be worth huge sums of money, which can mean a major windfall for multiple owners when it comes to fractionalized Pokémon NFTs. The value of an individual Pokémon card relies on many variables, including physical condition and card rarity. If a Pokémon card has been professionally appraised or graded (which is a required step for turning your card into an NFT), its value is even more reliable.

Without appraisal by a professional card authority that specializes in Pokémon cards, it’s easy to get duped. Logan Paul found this out the hard way when he spent $3.5 million on what he thought were six first-edition Pokémon booster boxes but turned out to be bogus.

But the list of the most valuable Pokémon cards in the world isn’t necessarily the same as the most valuable Pokémon card NFTs. Not all physical cards have been minted as NFTs, first of all, and comparing the value of real world objects to the digital asset market is a little like comparing apples and oranges. Here are some of the most valuable NFT Pokémon cards trading right now:

2003 Pokémon Skyridge #146 Charizard Holo: This PSA 10 holographic Charizard NFT is the most valuable Pokémon NFT on the market right now. It reached an all-time highest price of over $14,000, and is currently valued at approximately $10,500.

1999 Pokémon Base Set Holo Charizard #4: Another PSA 10 holographic Charizard NFT tops the charts — its highest price was $12,700 and its current value sits at about $9,300.

2006 Pokémon Gold Star #104 Pikachu Ex Holon Phantoms: As one of the most recognizable creatures in the Pokémon universe, it’s no surprise this PSA 10 Pikachu NFT is in the top three. It’s currently priced at about $6,000.

Buying and selling physical cards is just the beginning of the Pokémon craze. Pokémon NFTs take trading to the next level by digitizing them, fractionalizing them, and making the collectible game that much more accessible. Sellers can gain access to more buyers with a single card, and collectors have more opportunities to join in on the fun without needing the capital to buy outright on their own. 

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