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Jon Margolis, Head of Business and Corporate Development at The Sandbox, shares his journey into the Metaverse and the potential it holds for the future

Unlocking the Metaverse with Jon Margolis (The Sandbox)

In this interview, Jon Margolis, Head of Business and Corporate Development at The Sandbox, discusses his journey into the web3 space and how he became interested in the concept of the Metaverse. With a background in the entertainment and gaming industries, he gradually shifted his focus to exploring the potential of blockchain and crypto in gaming. Jon sees the value proposition of utility in blockchain technology and believes that gaming is the ideal application for this. He talks about The Sandbox as a decentralized Metaverse, a virtual land-based world where users can buy and own virtual lands to create content and experiences. He emphasizes the importance of quality content and engagement to drive the growth of the Metaverse and highlights the relationship between NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and The Sandbox, where assets and items are represented as NFTs on the blockchain.

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5 Music NFT Companies Bringing Art & Culture to the Metaverse

Music NFTs are changing the dynamic between fans and artists, giving both parties new ways to engage online. The new dynamic is made possible by music NFT companies, who are fueling the transition with innovative new types of tokens that can be bought, sold, and traded online. Music NFTs allow fans to own portions of a song’s royalties, iconic memorabilia, or even access to digital concerts. Here are the companies making the biggest impact.

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5 Tokenization Companies Helping Bring Physical Assets into The Metaverse

Everything’s going digital these days — even physical assets. We’re not talking about staking out the virtual equivalent of real estate in a metaverse somewhere and hoping the land will appreciate in value. We’re talking about brands and organizations finding effective and profitable ways to monetize the real, physical assets they hold using the blockchain. It’s a new way of doing business, but it’s already a potent one. If you want to get started right, your best bet will be to follow the example of or partner up with dedicated asset tokenization companies.