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Exploring Web3 Marketing: Insights and Favorite Tools from a Marketer's Journey with Alex Nicorici

In this interview, Alex Nicorici, a marketer in the web3 industry, shares her personal journey of how she got involved in web3. She accidentally joined a tech startup working in the web3 space and was drawn in by the industry's unique and innovative vibe. She decided to stay and explore the opportunities as a marketer in this emerging field.

Dibbs asks Alex about her favorite web3 tools and platforms in three categories: the Metaverse, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and community management.

Eric Witschen, the CEO of Neustreet and an early CryptoPunk holder, shares his journey from Wall Street to the world of web3

From Wall Street to Web3: The CryptoPunk Journey and the Future of Digital Ownership with Eric Witschen (Neustreet)

In this insightful interview, Eric Witschen, the CEO of Neustreet and an early CryptoPunk holder, shares his journey from Wall Street to the world of web3.

In this interview, Dibbs speaks with Eric Witschen, the CEO of Neustreet, who is an early CryptoPunk holder and has a background in technology on Wall Street. Eric fell into the world of web3 from two angles: his interest in decentralized systems and cryptocurrency due to his background in technology and finance, and his passion for collecting various items in his personal life.

A photo showing knockoffs of original products

How NFTs for Physical Items Help Fashion Brands Fight Counterfeiting

Explore the transformative role of NFTs in combating counterfeiting within the fashion industry

Counterfeiting, often dubbed the "shadow economy," is a multi-billion-dollar industry that poses significant threats to genuine brands worldwide. As of 2020, fashion labels have faced a staggering loss of 26.3 billion euros in revenue due to this issue. But the financial hit is only the tip of the iceberg. The proliferation and distribution of counterfeit goods undermines the perceived quality and integrity of the original brands, causing them to lose customers. 

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Top 4 NFT Use Cases in Documentation Management and Verification

As the digital revolution became more widespread, businesses started digitizing documents to improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance security, and promote sustainability. But it also brought new challenges with it. For example, it’s difficult to track ownership history of digital documents and verify their authenticity.

Jon Margolis, Head of Business and Corporate Development at The Sandbox, shares his journey into the Metaverse and the potential it holds for the future

Unlocking the Metaverse with Jon Margolis (The Sandbox)

In this interview, Jon Margolis, Head of Business and Corporate Development at The Sandbox, discusses his journey into the web3 space and how he became interested in the concept of the Metaverse. With a background in the entertainment and gaming industries, he gradually shifted his focus to exploring the potential of blockchain and crypto in gaming. Jon sees the value proposition of utility in blockchain technology and believes that gaming is the ideal application for this. He talks about The Sandbox as a decentralized Metaverse, a virtual land-based world where users can buy and own virtual lands to create content and experiences. He emphasizes the importance of quality content and engagement to drive the growth of the Metaverse and highlights the relationship between NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and The Sandbox, where assets and items are represented as NFTs on the blockchain.

Here’s How Brands Can Simplify NFT Claims For Their Users

Many users complained about mint delays and expressed disappointment at the fact that they couldn’t purchase the NFTs from the secondary marketplace if they didn’t hold ETH.

This goes to show that the hype and novelty of a project aren’t enough to determine its NFT’s success. The NFT claim experience a brand offers also remains a crucial element. So, for an NFT campaign to truly succeed, brands must pay attention to their NFT claim experience.