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Welcome to Fractionaut Spotlight, where we feature collectors from our Discord community, ask them about their collecting experience and highlight their PCs. ICYMI, “Fractionauts” are what we call collectors on Dibbs, the members of our community.

What Are NFT Pokémon Cards?

So you’ve picked up on the popularity of Pokémon cards. Maybe you dusted off your collection to see if there are any valuable gems hiding in your childhood memory box, or maybe you just want to get in on the action today. Either way, NFT Pokémon cards are going to pop up on your radar sooner or later. How do those colorful cardboard collectibles go from physical items to digital assets? How do you turn your cards into NFTs, or buy into the most valuable Pokémon NFTs out there? This primer will answer those questions and more to help you get up to speed on the emerging world of NFT Pokémon cards.

The 7 Best Places to Find Pokémon Cards for Sale

The Pokémon Trading Card Game has always been big, but there was a time when the game was regularly making headlines as kids fought over Charizard cards and schools banned them from playgrounds. After a few relatively quiet decades, Pokémon cards are back in the news again — this time, it’s because appraisal companies and auction houses are listing Pokémon cards for sale at record values, and one of YouTube’s biggest influencers is showing off the rarest Pikachu card in existence during his Wrestlemania debut.

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Where to Sell Pokémon Cards For The Most Money Possible

So you’ve got a stack of Pokémon cards to sell. You’ve already researched their value, sorted them into penny sleeves, maybe you even had them appraised or graded. Now it’s time to figure out where to sell Pokémon cards so you can actually make you a profit. Or maybe you just want to get rid of your collection as quickly and efficiently as possible, while still coming out on top financially. Maybe you’re looking to build community and meet other collectors in person while also putting some cash in your pocket. Whatever your motivation, if you’re asking, “where can I sell my Pokémon cards for the most money,” here’s the scoop.

Pokémon Card Rarity: How to Spot the Rarest Cards in 2022

Rarity’s what makes collecting Pokémon cards fun; if each card was just as common as the next, there’d be no challenge, no thrill of the hunt to keep you searching for the latest perfect addition to your collection.

Beyond the intrinsic thrill of finding a card that’s been on your list for ages, Pokémon card rarity also plays a massive part in how valuable each card is — and with the explosive growth of the Pokémon card market in recent years, every collector should take some time to better understand how it works.