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Exploring Web3 Marketing: Insights and Favorite Tools from a Marketer's Journey with Alex Nicorici

In this interview, Alex Nicorici, a marketer in the web3 industry, shares her personal journey of how she got involved in web3. She accidentally joined a tech startup working in the web3 space and was drawn in by the industry's unique and innovative vibe. She decided to stay and explore the opportunities as a marketer in this emerging field.

Dibbs asks Alex about her favorite web3 tools and platforms in three categories: the Metaverse, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and community management.

Eric Witschen, the CEO of Neustreet and an early CryptoPunk holder, shares his journey from Wall Street to the world of web3

From Wall Street to Web3: The CryptoPunk Journey and the Future of Digital Ownership with Eric Witschen (Neustreet)

In this insightful interview, Eric Witschen, the CEO of Neustreet and an early CryptoPunk holder, shares his journey from Wall Street to the world of web3.

In this interview, Dibbs speaks with Eric Witschen, the CEO of Neustreet, who is an early CryptoPunk holder and has a background in technology on Wall Street. Eric fell into the world of web3 from two angles: his interest in decentralized systems and cryptocurrency due to his background in technology and finance, and his passion for collecting various items in his personal life.

Web2 Brands with NFTs are Winning in Web3 with Strategic Partnerships

The NFT market is gradually regaining its footing following the recent crypto winter. But recovery has a long way to go given the consistent decline in daily average trading volume. Yet, major web2 businesses are entering the web3 space and using NFTs to improve customer engagement. 

But why are Web2 brands so interested in utilizing NFTs amidst such challenging market conditions?

This article answers the question, explains the potential roadblocks brands may face when transitioning into the web3 space, and lists examples of web2 brands that are making it big in web3 with NFTs and the right business partnerships.

Tausif Ahmed (Kraken) shares his fascinating journey from big tech consulting to the forefront of web3 innovation.

Exclusive Insights & Web3 Advice with Tausif Ahmed (ex-Kraken)

In this interview between Dibbs and Tausif Ahmed, formerly in the Business Development department at Kraken, shares his background and how he got into web3. He has 10+ years of experience in big tech consulting, specifically in strategic partnerships and business development. Tausif got interested in crypto and web3 in 2016-2017, starting with Bitcoin and Ethereum. His journey led him from working at Amazon Music to working at Kraken, where he explored music NFTs and their potential for artists and fans.

They discuss the role of NFT marketplaces in the overall NFT ecosystem and how they drive accessibility, discovery, and liquidity for NFTs. Tausif highlights the importance of marketplaces as a first touchpoint for new users and the need for differentiated experiences to cater to different customer segments.

A marketer gesticulating and explaining a web3 idea in a light office

Selling A Web3 Idea To The C-Suite: A Marketing Guide by Ben Plomion

"Selling An Idea To The C-Suite: A CMO's Guide" by Dibbs' CMO, Ben Plomion, is a presentation that discusses how CMOs and other marketing leaders can persuade the C-suite to approve any innovative marketing ideas.

If you are a marketing leader who works with the C-suite or board of directors, this guide can help you understand what resonates most with these decision-makers. The advice here can be applied to any innovative idea, but it is especially relevant for those in the fields of AI and web3.

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An abstract, artistic interpretation of blockchain featuring neon threads held together by metal connectors.

Comprehensive Guide to a Seamless Transition into Web3 for your Company

The past few years have seen the rise of branded web3 projects that expertly blend physical and digital products, resulting in delighted fans and lucrative opportunities. As a result, companies that have been hesitant to dive into the next generation of the internet now have a blueprint they can follow to find their own success in this forward-thinking space. By studying the best web3 companies and understanding what they have in common, tech-savvy entertainment brands can make the pivot and tap into an engaged community of blockchain users. Here’s how these companies took advantage of web3 opportunities and what you can learn from them.