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Q&A with AirCatch Co-Founder Aaron Stein on Web3, NFT & Blockchain Technology Utility

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Nila Lê

We had the pleasure of working with last year and, now, the opportunity to pick the brain of one of their Co-Founders, Aaron Stein. AirCatch is self-described as making sending and receiving NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as easy and useful as email, and we couldn't agree more. From a brand perspective, AirCatch believes that NFTs offer many untapped opportunities to delight audiences and their mission is to remove the technological barriers that limit wide-scale adoption, AirCatch releases the potential of Web3 technologies. With AirCatch's technology, brands can instantly reward fans, strengthen communities and give everyone a chance to own a piece of their favorite creations. Our CMO, Ben Plomion, marveled, "AirCatch developed a proprietary technology to remove some of the frictions associated with NFT distribution and ownership. We put their technology to work at a Web3 conference and AirCatch made it super easy to send NFTs to 300+ participants." Read on to hear about how Aaron views the Web3 space.

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Sports and Blockchain: How Web3 Is Helping Franchises Find New Success

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Ben Plomion

From NFTs (non-fungible tokens) of trading cards to virtual pre-game events, sports and blockchain projects have become natural partners in the past few years. Sports franchises have much to gain from Web3, including unprecedented revenue and fan engagement opportunities, and sports blockchain companies are eager to help. Here’s how some sports teams are using blockchain technology to reach new markets.