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A visual representation of AI in the form of a cube. Greenery extends out of each side.

The Ultimate AI and NFTs Guide

The world is shifting to an environment built on blockchain and AI technology. Organizations, brands, marketers, and entrepreneurs are working to adapt to this new reality, turning to innovations like machine learning NFT marketing to stay competitive in an evolving marketplace. To do so successfully, they must build an understanding of how AI and blockchain intersect, and the symbiotic relationship the two have formed as a result. In this guide, we’ll dive into how that relationship is changing brand engagement as we know it, as well as the wider implications of AI technology in the information economy.

A robot offers a woman a flower.

How Blockchain and AI Technology Will Change the World

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain networks is transforming everything about how businesses and individuals use the internet — from data management to cybersecurity. Today, however, the greatest opportunities lie in bringing these fields together. With enhanced scalability, optimized smart contracts, and truly decentralized autonomous organizations, blockchain and AI technology are expanding our capabilities in ways that were difficult to achieve apart. Let’s take a closer look at the challenges and opportunities for tech businesses waiting at this juncture point.

Q&A with Web3 Marketing Network Founder & CEO Dan Barry

Q&A with Web3 Marketing Network Founder & CEO, Dan Barry

Dibbs:  Hello, can you please tell our readers and our viewers a little bit about yourself and who you are? 

Dan: My name is Dan Barry. I'm based in Los Angeles and a marketing enthusiast and I'm a technology enthusiast. The theme today for Web3 – I'm deep into Web3 marketing and currently I have a consulting firm and primarily working with companies that are in the Web3 space. Most recently, I was a global president for an international digital marketing company, and my entire career has been either starting businesses where marketing has been a really huge factor. I think every business, marketing is really important. At this particular point in my life, I'm very deep into the Web3 space and enjoying every minute.

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Fans watching a baseball game inside a stadium

Sports and Blockchain: How Web3 Is Helping Franchises Find New Success

From NFTs (non-fungible tokens) of trading cards to virtual pre-game events, sports and blockchain projects have become natural partners in the past few years. Sports franchises have much to gain from Web3, including unprecedented revenue and fan engagement opportunities, and sports blockchain companies are eager to help. Here’s how some sports teams are using blockchain technology to reach new markets.

Close up of a handshake between two football players

The 5 Best Sports Blockchain Companies to Partner With in 2023

The explosive growth in NFTs took even tech fiends by surprise, and that demand has been especially strong when it comes to sports tokens. An impressive 24% of American households have already purchased a digital asset, but if you’re looking at sports fans specifically, that number jumps to 34%. Sports organizations are eager to enter this market but need reliable partners who understand the nuances of blockchain.

2022 NFT Sentiment Report

Dibbs 2022 NFT Sentiment Report

In a largely pseudonymous industry where NFT holders can be hard to reach, we felt uniquely positioned to tap the highly engaged users of our marketplace to understand broader sentiments around the evolving NFT industry and what the future of ownership looks like alongside the growth of Web3 and the metaverse.