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Alex de Campi, writer of Dibbs' Comic Book,

Introducing Dibbs' Comic Book, "The Wild, Wild Web"

Image of Nila Lê
Nila Lê

Dibbs is proud to announce our debut comic book, The Wild, Wild Web, a story about the adventures of our protagonist, Emma and her four-legged companion, Sandy, as they explore the fascinating world of web3. 

This comic book highlights the opportunities that web3 presents, as well as ideas to create a trusted environment between brands and their users. 

A line graph shows market trends rising and falling.

The Top NFT Trends of 2022

Image of Jonathan Barbone
Jonathan Barbone

The NFT (non-fungible token) space over the last twelve months has been anything but boring. In fact, it has seen more than its fair share of twists and turns and ups and downs — and many got more than a bit lost in all the action.

2022 NFT Sentiment Report

Dibbs 2022 NFT Sentiment Report

Image of Nila Lê
Nila Lê

In a largely pseudonymous industry where NFT holders can be hard to reach, we felt uniquely positioned to tap the highly engaged users of our marketplace to understand broader sentiments around the evolving NFT industry and what the future of ownership looks like alongside the growth of Web3 and the metaverse. 

Q&A with Bradley Tusk (Tusk Ventures) on Crypto Regulation

Image of Nila Lê
Nila Lê

Bradley Tusk is the CEO and co-founder of Tusk Ventures, the world’s first venture capital fund that invests solely in early stage startups in highly regulated industries. Tusk Venture Partners specifically invests in early-stage consumer technology startups operating in heavily regulated markets across North America, which makes perfect sense as to why they invested in Dibbs. Despite not owning a single NFT, Tusk answers questions about how we got him onboard and what regulation ideally looks like for him in Web3.