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5 Ways Brands Have Benefited From Utility in NFTs

Humans have always valued utility. From developing stone tools to perfecting animal husbandry, our ancestors crafted technology that creates value by making life easier — or, sometimes, simply more interesting. Look around, and you’ll find that we’ve never lost that mindset, it’s just evolved. Nowhere is that clearer than NFT projects with utility, which show how the Web3 internet is helping people and businesses connect.

A Day in the Life of an NFT

10:00 AM

Today’s the big day—I’m getting authenticated. An expert will examine my provenance trail, kind of like a background check. I’m not worried, of course, but it’s always nice to be validated by companies like PSA/ Beckett, Analogr, and CGC/WATA.

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The 10 Types of NFT Utility

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have become a foundational part of the internet’s web3 future in the few short years since they burst onto the scene. While some still see them as fancy jpegs (or, more accurately, pngs), the truth is that NFTs are much more than digital pictures. With NFT utility, brands can offer unique ways to engage audiences, ranging from proof of ownership of physical goods to access passes for major events. By the time you’re finished with this article, you’ll understand the major types of NFT utility as they exist today.

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NFTs for Music Artists: What Modern Musicians Need to Know

In 2021, just a few years since anyone had first heard of them, the market of music NFTs was valued at $1.24 billion — and it’s forecasted to grow to $42 billion by 2032. Blockchain technology has granted musicians a new way to monetize their craft, and this guide will show you how to be part of it. You’ll learn what NFTs for musicians are, why your business goals should include NFTs, and how you can grow new revenue streams with digital assets.

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How to Tokenize Music

The same modern streaming platforms that make digital distribution possible also pay fractions of a penny with each play. Thankfully, artists are finding new ways to engage directly with fans by selling exclusive tracks, assets, and collectibles. There’s just one problem — understanding how to tokenize music without falling into the same pitfalls that plagued the old ways of digital distribution (or discovering all-new ones). Thankfully, the process is far less complicated than even the biggest names in music might realize.

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How to Mint Music NFTs

As the music industry completes its migration toward digital services and streaming, one question continues to arise: How do artists get paid?

When users stream music over Spotify or other streaming apps, the artists make only fractions of a penny per play, making it difficult for many artists to survive on streaming alone. Finding out  how to mint music NFTs offers a solution to this problem by giving music lovers an exciting new choice in how to support music artists.

As an artist, minting music NFTs allows you to better control how your music is released, how it is consumed — both digitally and physically — and how you get paid. You can even add extras or add-ons that will increase the value of your NFT, as well as increase the likelihood a customer might buy one.

Digital Collectibles and Web3 with NFT Creators by Instagram

Yesterday, Instagram hosted a Twitter Space revolving around all things NFT, digital collectibles, creators’ experiences and the future of the metaverse with four NFT creators who participated in Instagram's minting platform. What we thought was the most compelling part of the conversation was surrounding the subject of NFT adoption and utility, two things that are incredibly important to us at Dibbs.

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How NFT Sports Collectibles Are Unlocking New Revenue Streams for Sports Franchises

Sports collectibles are as old as the games themselves, with memorabilia like trading cards, apparel, and autographed equipment preserving the history of these beloved pastimes while deepening the personal connections fans develop with their teams and players of choice. Now, NFT (non-fungible token) sports collectibles offer brands and fans alike the chance to push their passions into the future, deepening their bond and driving revenue along the way by turning those items of historical record into eternally preserved digital collectibles.