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4 Successful Brands Capitalizing on Tokenization in Sports

4 Successful Brands Capitalizing on Tokenization in Sports

As NFTs grow more and more popular, forward-thinking brands across numerous industries are warming to the revenue possibilities these digital tokens represent. Each industry benefits from its own particular advantages and tokenization in sports is a prime example. By taking real-world objects and tying them to NFTs, brands can more deeply engage fans even as they open up new revenue streams.

A soccer team stands in a line on a field, facing away from the camera, each individual draping an arm over the shoulders and backs of the players beside them.

5 Sports NFT Companies Killing It in 2022

With almost 60% of avid sports fans participating in NFT (non-fungible token) trades, the time is now to bring your own sports brand to Web3. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone; tons of new sports NFT companies are coming along for the ride, each with a unique spin on how to capture this growing market. Before we get into breaking down five of the most promising examples, let’s define what we mean when we talk about “sports NFT companies.”

Close up on a soccer player holding a clipboard holding a diagram of the field, the real-world version of which is visible in the background.

How NFT Sports Consulting Firms Help Franchises Unlock New Revenue Streams

If sports collectibles are part of your brand, overlooking NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is an increasingly costly mistake. According to financial experts, this technology will help drive a 600% increase in the sports merchandise industry over the next decade — that’s almost $200 billion by 2032! That growth might be even faster, if not for an understandable lack of blockchain expertise among athletes and sports associations.

Six Sports NFT Marketplaces Helping Players and Teams Unlock New Value

Six Sports NFT Marketplaces Helping Players and Teams Unlock New Value

Sports NFTs are a growing market, with players and teams vying to tap into the new demand for digital collectibles. Marketplaces from some of the biggest names in NFTs as well as sports-specific platforms are competing for your attention — and your business. With so many options to choose from, finding the best sports NFT marketplace to match your team’s brand, or your personal brand as an athlete, takes some research. Fortunately, we’ve already broken down six of the most promising contenders to help you start engaging with and monetizing your fans in exciting and secure ways.

A soccer ball sits on the field. The stadium seats are visible in the background.

The 5 Most Lucrative Sports NFT Projects of All Time

There are many types of collectors in the world, but few are as enthusiastic as sports fans. Between baseball cards, signed jerseys, and other valuable items, the sports memorabilia market will reach $33 billion this year. Yet the market isn’t finished growing — experts predict it will surpass $200 billion by 2032, thanks in no small part to revenue generated by sports NFT projects.

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NFTs For Athletes: How Players Can Unlock New Revenue Streams by Selling Assets on Their Terms

NFTs For Athletes: How Players Can Unlock New Revenue Streams by Selling Assets on Their Terms

The market for non-fungible tokens has exploded in recent years, bringing windfalls to savvy creators and collectors alike. The inherent collectibility of NFTs makes them a natural avenue for professional athletes, as well as a compelling way to bridge the ever-present revenue gap between people who make sports happen (the players) and the people who really rake in the money (the owners).

The interior of Autzen Stadium at sunset

How College Sports NFTs Could Deliver Financial Freedom to Amateur Athletes

The NCAA made $1.15 billion in revenue during 2021, showing just how ingrained college sports is into our culture. While that’s a formidable chunk of change, college athletes couldn’t claim a piece of the pie for years, despite creating most of the value. Luckily, the NCAA has changed its rules, and college athletes can pursue financial freedom through name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals.

Q&A with Chris Pantoya (Fan Controlled Sports + Entertainment) on Web3 Fandom & Community

Chris Pantoya, Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Strategy at Fan Controlled Sports + Entertainment sees a new future for sports, where fans have the power to call plays, sub players and more. Their NFT extension, Ballerz Collective, aims to give fans the ability to do even more by buying tokens that allow them to get real-world access and VIP experiences, additional game play power and more. We spoke to her about her vision for Web3 and its potential to reshape fandom.

The 7 Best Places to Buy & Sell Baseball Cards Online

The 6 Best Places to Buy & Sell Baseball Cards Online

There are countless ways to buy and sell baseball cards online, and each one comes with unique pros and cons. Whether you’re looking to move a complete collection or hoping to find that one perfect card, there are tools out there that can help you get the job done. Some platforms focus on physical collectibles, while others take a more digital approach to the world of baseball card trading. Here are seven of the best places to trade baseball cards online.

Frozen In Time: 6 Timeless NHL Rookie Cards Collectors Are After

Frozen In Time: 6 Timeless NHL Rookie Cards Collectors Are After

The future value of a current rookie card is unpredictable, and that’s what makes them so exciting. Collectors can make informed purchases based on top prospects, but if an athlete’s career never takes off, that fancy piece of cardstock may never be worth much more than the material it’s printed on. On the other hand, as an athlete’s accomplishments build over time, those mementos of their first foray into professional sports can mean big bucks for their lucky (or prescient) owners.