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Q&A with Web3 Marketing Network Founder & CEO Dan Barry

Q&A with Web3 Marketing Network Founder & CEO, Dan Barry

Dibbs:  Hello, can you please tell our readers and our viewers a little bit about yourself and who you are? 

Dan: My name is Dan Barry. I'm based in Los Angeles and a marketing enthusiast and I'm a technology enthusiast. The theme today for Web3 – I'm deep into Web3 marketing and currently I have a consulting firm and primarily working with companies that are in the Web3 space. Most recently, I was a global president for an international digital marketing company, and my entire career has been either starting businesses where marketing has been a really huge factor. I think every business, marketing is really important. At this particular point in my life, I'm very deep into the Web3 space and enjoying every minute.

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Breaking Down Barriers to Mainstream Adoption of Web3: How companies are Making it Easy for Consumers

As brands recognize the revenue potential and value of Web3 technologies, many are hesitant to embrace the ecosystem due to several barriers, including toxic headlines, unclear monetization strategies and the technical and purchasing barriers presented to consumers. The growing popularity of  NFTs, Metaverse and other digital ownership-related technologies has companies taking action to break down these barriers, allowing for broader consumer engagement.

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Utility NFT Benefits: Bringing Value to Web3

Most of us first learned about NFTs (non-fungible tokens) because of their relation to digital art, but the technology is capable of much more. NFTs that function as utility tokens act as a gateway to the new possibilities afforded by Web3 technology. By embracing utility NFT benefits, brands will be better equipped to engage audiences in any industry, from music to apparel and beyond. Let’s dig into some examples of successful NFT projects and how you can implement their lessons into your project.

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WTF is Web3?!

If you’ve zoned out a time or two while “visionaries” and crypto bros drill into mining, minting, and public ledgers, we understand. To most of us, the bits and bytes of rewiring the internet are like highway construction. We don’t care how it’s done. We want to know where it will take us. 

Analysis: OpenSea Collection Data; NFTs With Two or More Utilities

Today, we are revealing a set of NFT utility data and insights after comparing trading volumes from OpenSea’s top 100 collections of all-time with those over an analysis period of 30 days, from October 15, 2022 to November 15, 2022. Analyzing each collection to determine how utility types are evolving, these data uncovered a growing interest in NFT utility types beyond PFPs (profile pictures), particularly content, events, and rewards distribution.

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Sports and Blockchain: How Web3 Is Helping Franchises Find New Success

From NFTs (non-fungible tokens) of trading cards to virtual pre-game events, sports and blockchain projects have become natural partners in the past few years. Sports franchises have much to gain from Web3, including unprecedented revenue and fan engagement opportunities, and sports blockchain companies are eager to help. Here’s how some sports teams are using blockchain technology to reach new markets.

The Ultimate Web3 Glossary

The Ultimate Web3 Glossary

Especially in this rapidly growing industry, we don’t want you left behind. Below is a comprehensive list of Web3-related jargon and their definitions that crypto bros and fintech fiends have created that you should know to make Web3 as easy to understand as A-B-C.