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Three silvery cubes are displayed on a background that shifts from pink to blue.

Exploring the Potential for Brand Growth in Web3

Web3 has been hailed as the next generation of the internet. Thanks to its foundations in blockchain technology, it promises to be more decentralized, secure, and transparent than the web2 internet that has prevailed for nearly two decades. Armed with these tools, brands that are bold enough to dive into the world of web3 stand to reinvent the way they connect with customers. Here’s how companies can achieve brand growth in web3 and position themselves for future success as these digital technologies continue to evolve.

Your customer’s hand holding a cell phone with pastel bokeh surrounding it, just as your customer abounds with joy when immersed in a phygital experience

The Phygital Experience Guide: The Future of Customer Engagement

In today's digital age, brands and businesses are constantly looking for new ways to engage with customers. One way to do this is through phygital experiences. Phygital experiences can be used to create immersive, interactive, and memorable experiences for customers. There are many different ways that businesses can create phygital experiences. By incorporating phygital experiences into their marketing and customer engagement strategies, businesses can create more memorable and engaging experiences for their customers. This can lead to increased brand awareness, brand loyalty, and new sales.

Digital art of an assortment of shapes and 3D geometric structures.

How Brands Are Taking Advantage of Web3 Opportunities


As commerce changes to better suit digital ecosystems, brands are finding themselves in fierce competition to garner attention from consumers. It’s no longer enough to be familiar, offer good products, or have a catchy slogan. Consumers want brands to do all of that and more; to remain a part of the conversation, brands must actively seek innovative ways to engage with consumers.

An abstract 3D render of geometric shapes with bold pastel colors

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Tokenization Services

A 2020 report clocked the total value of the tokenized item market at over $18 billion USD, a large figure considering the relatively short time that tokenized items have been mainstream. Brands and businesses have clearly taken note of the growth potential that tokenizing items can bring, but penetrating the market without direction can be a costly disaster.

Instead of scrambling for a strategy, tokenization services give brands an accessible pathway to tokenizing and leveraging their items through partnership. However, brands must first vet a variety of tokenization services to determine which partner can deliver the security and scale necessary for success.

 Woman using her phone to take picture of a sunrise

Phygital Experiences are Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

When smartphones and ecommerce were first on the rise, consumer experiences tended to be either physical or digital. Today, many brands have realized you can do both, especially when two-thirds of Millennials pick up the products they order online. As technology changes how customers and businesses interact, brands must lean into “phygital” experiences to find their audiences and grow.

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Lights burst from scattered geometric shapes, bits of jagged material emanating from the center.

Capitalize on the Shift from Physical to Digital in Web3

Investors have poured nearly $94 billion into web3 companies in recent years.  As entertainment goliaths like Disney make the leap to web3, it’s becoming clear that there’s a “whole new world” of opportunity ready to tap into. But to fully capitalize on the shift, brands must be ready to create marketing strategies that focus on physical NFTs and create new ways for their audiences to engage.

An upward-facing shot of strings of lights that hang down from a building's ceiling, creating the effect of a tunnel of light surrounding the camera.

Going Physical to Digital in Web3 Can Benefit Your Entertainment Business

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: “Web3 is going to revolutionize the way businesses use the internet.” It’s a statement we believe to be inherently true, but it’s also frustratingly vague. What does the growing adoption of blockchain technologies behind web3 truly mean for businesses? What do its new concepts of ownership and authenticity in a digital space mean in practical terms? While new applications are emerging by the day, one of the most compelling use cases is already here: going from physical to digital in web3.